Well-cared skin is healthy

- and simply beautiful

Your skin says more about you than you might think. How you take care of it, how you eat, how much stress you have, what environmental influences you are exposed to: all this and more can be read from your skin. A well-cared-for skin is healthy, resistant, elastic - and simply beautiful. That's why I - Corinna Krämer - see it as my job to effectively support the skin's protective function and keep it healthy in the long term. 

Because every skin is unique and has different needs, at the beginning of every facial treatment there is always an exact examination of the skin with the VISIA®Gen7 skin analysis . It is the basis for the care with highly effective products that is optimally adapted to you. And because permanent shaving also irritates the skin, I also offer permanent hair removal.

To leave you after the treatment with a sparkle in your eyes is absolutely indescribable. Often you have told me how much you would like to share this feeling. But that is not so easy, because a cosmetic treatment is based on trust. I wouldn't trust just anyone with my face either. That is why I have developed SECRET for you -Card.

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