Best results are my aspiration

Get rid of annoying body hair: That's easier said than done. After all, permanent shaving is not only time-consuming; it also irritates the skin and can lead to inflammation. The solution is permanent hair removal, but the market - in terms of treatment quality - has become opaque: So many options and manufacturers presenting their method as the ultimate.

I have the greatest demands on permanent hair removal devices and the efficiency of the treatment. And because best results are my demand, I am always looking to optimize both - in constant exchange with my clients. Currently I work with the MBC Hyperpulse, which has already brought many top results.

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Depriving the hair of its bases

During permanent hair removal with the Hyperpulse, the germ-forming layer of the hair is heated to about 42 degrees Celsius. This cooks the protein and the hair can no longer be supplied - like a plant that is no longer watered. With One-Glide technology, heat is directed specifically over the hair rather than heating the entire tissue. Thus, the permanent hair removal with the Hyperpulse is particularly gentle on the skin and yet strong in effect.

Treatment process/duration

First, the hair is trimmed in the direction of growth using a disposable razor, and then a heat-conducting layer of gel or lubricating spray is applied. Then - without touching the skin - the Hyperpulse is used to deliver a large number of effective light pulses per second to the skin.

The treatment itself is particularly fast, but at least 6 (up to 10) treatments are necessary at intervals of 2 to 3 months, because the hair has 4 different growth periods. On the face, the interval is 4 to 6 weeks.

After treatment, hair continues to grow "normally" for the first 7 to 10 days. During this time it is possible to shave. Afterwards, however, the hair should be allowed to break through the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. After about 14, hairs begin to fall out here and there until only a few are left. The hairs then grow back more slowly and a little less.

Please a little patience!

After the first 2 treatments, it is often difficult for my clients to see that the hair is getting less. Only after 3 treatments you can see clear success. Therefore, I ask for a little patience. Because if you observe something steadily and it becomes only slightly less, it is not noticeable. 

But I guarantee: At the end of the treatment you will be free of annoying hair!

By the way: With the Hyperpulse even gray hair as well as very dark skin and blond hair can be treated. I will gladly introduce you to the method on a small test site and you can decide if it is right for you.!

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