State of the art computerized skin analysis

The VISIA®Gen 7 skin analysis gives you a view into the different skin layers and makes visible how the health of your skin is. Because the changes are gradual, they are not so clearly perceived. But the skin analysis brings it to light! The data obtained is fundamental for the selection of active ingredients in the subsequent JetPeel™ facial treatment. In addition, the analysis over time is a sound indication of the efficiency of my work.

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The VISIA®Gen 7 analyzes eight different characteristics that are indicators of the health of the skin. On site in my cosmetic institute, I will be happy to explain these in detail and show you individually what your skin needs. (turn your Phone ↶)

1. spots

Show the overall picture - how your face is perceived from the outside: Redness, moles, age spots, etc. are shown here in summary.

2. wrinkles

Are revealed by dryness and in the facial expression here already in its early stages.

3. evenness

Shown in blue (in depth) and yellow (in height). For children, for example, practically nothing can be seen here under normal circumstances.

4. pores

Are circular openings of the sweat gland excretory ducts on the skin surface. The smaller they are, the better, because then less dirt gets into the pore and it can empty better. This ensures a more even distribution of sebum as a protective layer for the skin.

5. UV spots

Indicate the skin damage caused by the suns in the past 15 years.

6. brown spots

Are the indicator of melanin content, i.e. how well your skin is protected from the sun in everyday life. Optimal is a uniform mottling. Strong concentrations can indicate that the hormone balance is disturbed.

7. red areas

They show damaged blood vessels in the skin. Blood has settled in the tissue here.

8. Porphyrine

Sind bakterielle Ausscheidungen, die sich in den Poren einlagern. Während die rot dargestellten Punkte u.a. zu Akne führen können, sind die gelben gute Bakterien und Anzeichen für eine gesunde Haut.

The comparison

As already explained, the skin analysis is important to document the progress of the treatment. Besides, the analyzer also shows the comparison with other people of your age. You can also find out the age of your skin. And if you want, you can venture a look into the future with me: the skin aging tool impressively shows what the natural aging process looks like without professional anti-aging treatments.