The skin optimizer

I love to optimize processes. I want to get to the bottom of problems and offer my customers the best possible solution. My training as a state-certified cosmetician was therefore not enough for me. So I added another training course as a medical assistant on top of it. I completed this training at Dermazet (dermatology practice and laser center of Dr. med. Eberhardt Dielmann) and at the general practice of Liesenfeld/Nguyen. In addition, I took courses to become an acne therapist and learned the basics of fruit acid treatment. 

As an orthomolecular skin and nutrition consultant and orthomolecular cosmetologist, I am of course not only concerned with the skin. Many mechanisms are crucial for why the skin is the way it is. 

As a lecturer, I teach colleagues in a wide variety of areas, such as NiSV at the Private Wiesbaden Vocational School for Cosmetics. The professional exchange among colleagues brings me an incredible amount and there are always exciting news and helpful tips to improve the skin condition.

Therefore, I look at your skin with all the knowledge I have acquired and my medical understanding. Because beautiful skin is the visible sign of health, this is exactly where I focus. With my treatment method I make sure that the skin really changes!

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Technology meets active ingredient

VivArt Wiesbaden Summer Edition:

"The international cosmetics industry is enormously innovative. But how do people benefit from new technologies and active ingredients? By professionals mastering the treatments fundamentally and using them in an individually adapted way. Like Corinna Krämer, who has opened 'NoVuM -cosmetics-' at the Kureck."

The thirst for knowledge

Lifelong learning is the motto, because if you stop, you drift back. I regularly attend training courses, keep up to date with new techniques and products, refresh my knowledge and thus provide the best basis for professional work.

I am also very happy to share knowledge - in the treatment. This opens the possibility for dialogue and paves the way for new ideas.