Give skin the care it needs

I sell only German products from Edelweiss and NOON™ aesthetics for the care of the skin, which I also use for treatment in my cosmetic institute: free of harmful ingredients and highly effective. However, because every skin has different needs and requires different combinations of active ingredients, I only sell to customers whose skin I know from my analysis. Because: Only in this way can I recommend products with the best knowledge and guarantee optimal care for your skin. 

... and how it needs it

The skin consists of fat and water-loving molecules. So, in addition to the active ingredients that are right for your skin, it needs both moisture and fat. But it's not so easy to combine the two. Most care products therefore use emulsifiers, but these damage the skin. Not so the products from NOON™ aesthetic and LANDSBERG: They work with different carrier systems based on skin-identical lipids to effectively bring the active ingredients into the skin.

Oriented to your needs

For me, the person with his needs is in the foreground, not the maximum profit. Therefore, I always recommend the right thing for your skin! Both NOON™ aesthetic and LANDSBERG stand for high effectiveness, best skin compatibility and a holistic, health-oriented concept. They are available exclusively in selected institutes and exclusive Health & Beauty SPAs.

The ultimate plus for your skin

EDELWEISS by LANDSBERG was developed by pharmaceutical scientists from the Free University of Berlin and Dr. med. Jutta Knauer from Regensburg according to the latest dermatological findings. It is a high-tech main care with particularly valuable ingredients for your skin with high active ingredient requirements.

Effective collagen stimulation

The FeatherTouch from LANDSBERG is a nanopen for effective collagen stimulation at home. In the process, the silicone hollow needles penetrate the skin without damaging it. The active ingredients reach exactly where they can optimally develop their potential to prevent skin aging, wrinkles and skin damage.

Synergy of nature and research

NOON™ aesthetic is a innovative HighClass active skincare with ingredient systems for optimal care of the skin. The high-quality natural raw materials are obtained from controlled organic cultivation or from wild collections and processed in a gentle manner in the in-house laboratories