More than just an ordinary facial treatment....

Our skin works constantly, it breathes, regulates body heat and is our protective shield. But to perform all these functions optimally, it must be vital! And that is exactly what I am committed to with the HydraFacial™ & JetPeel™ facial. A healthy skin is also a beautiful skin, which makes daily make-up unnecessary.

Scientifically based

Do you want to defy age and environmental factors that leave marks on your skin? Then use the patented technologies of my institute, whose effectiveness has been confirmed in numerous studies by German universities and university skin clinics.

Video of the JetPeel™

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Fields of application

Acne, age spots, anti-aging (also for hands), dark circles, spider veins, couperose, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair loss, skin texture improvement, skin tautness, skin smoothing, skin cleansing, skin tightening, skin renewal, skin rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, lymphatic drainage, scar refinement, pigment spots, pore refinement, rosacea, vascular lesions.

Four (and a half) steps to healthy skin

JetPeel™ treatment is divided into four units, which are completely painless and touch-free: Lymphatic drainage, removal of dead horny cells, debris and cream residues, deep pore cleansing with skin pH management and introduction of the highly effective serums through hydropration.

This treatment can be additionally intensified by the Dermwave. The Dermwave is "the iron for the skin". Just like ironing, it tightens the fibers and visibly smoothes the skin. The gentle heating of the tissue is produced with the help of radio frequency. Another special effect is that with the help of the Dermwave, 30% more active ingredient can be introduced into the skin. This symbiosis provides an incredible WoW effect.

In preparation, the skin is cleansed with an Edelweiss product. This is characterized by a wide range of active ingredients and gives the skin exactly what it needs.

Step 1: Lymphatic drainage

The JetPeel™ treatment starts with a facial lymphatic drainage, which helps, among other things, against stored water, slags and e.g. unsightly bags under the eyes. To do this, I guide the Jetpeel over the skin at a 90-degree angle in circular motions. The emerging detox water with 0.3% saline solution, hyaluron, silver oxide and aloe vera massages the skin along with the deeper lymphatic stores and allows excess water to drain away gently and quickly.

Step 2: Remove the dirt

In the second step, the HydraFacial™ cleanses the skin surface with lactic acid. Dead horny scales are thus removed and debris and cream residues are removed.

Step 3: Deep pore cleaning

For optimal activity of the enzymes that keep your skin young, the skin metabolism needs an acidic pH value. The deep pore cleansing with glycolic and salicylic acids - perfectly adapted to your needs - brings the skin's metabolism into the optimal, acidic range, flushes out sebum and oil and thus ideally prepares the skin for the absorption of highly active ingredients.

Step 3 1/2: the iron (Dermwave)

The skin is heated in depth with the help of gentle radio frequency waves. In this way, finer wrinkles and even larger wrinkles can be permanently smoothed in seconds. Another symbiotic side effect is possible when the Dermwave and JetPeel™ are used in combination. Due to the warming effect of the fats in the skin surface, the skin briefly becomes more permeable and thus 30% more active ingredients can be infiltrated into the skin via the JetPeel. An enormous difference that you can see and feel. 

Especially in terms of eyelid lifting and lip tightening I have enormous success. Just talk to me.

Step 4: In with the active ingredients

At a 90-degree angle, the JetPeel™ now delivers the active ingredients selected exra for you deep into the skin using hydroporation technology. A range of highly effective JetPeel active ingredients are available to, for example:

  • stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin
  • supply the cells with energy
  • reduce redness
  • increase the moisture level of the skin
  • improve the pigmentation and complexion of the skin
  • and smooth wrinkles.

Depending on the skin condition and the client's desire, this step can be combined as intensively and often as desired.

The best at the end 

  For the perfect finishing, there is a special care on top after each JetPeel treatment.

HighClass care with the Edelweiss products.
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